Starters are the perfect introduction to a successful menu

With us you can start the culinary prelude to your meal with warm and cold appetizers that will make you want more! Locally and of course freshly prepared for you.

Honey - mustard / hash browns / salad bouquet

small portion
€ 16,00
big portion
€ 22,00

Sheep cheese / fig mustard / crostini 

€ 9,00
small leaf lettuce
€ 5,00
large leaf lettuce
€ 7,00

Potato salad / cucumber salad / coleslaw / carrot salad / leaf salad / house dressing

small salad
€ 5,00
big salad
€ 7,00

A soup to warm you up? A soup for a small hunger or as a starter?

Our beef soups are traditionally simmered with Austrian boiled beef, regional soup vegetables and spices. Just like from grandma's times. Glutamate free!



Our main courses for collection are as regional and diverse as our guests' wishes: light and healthy, tasty or typically Austrian.

Varied cuisine, seasonal delicacies and the best ingredients from Austria really whet your appetite for daily enjoyment. You don't have to do without these at home!

In order to be able to offer you the highest quality, we buy our ingredients almost exclusively in Austria and have been working with regional farmers for years. We have been with AMA Gastrosiegel since the beginning.


€ 19,00

Petersilkartofferl ODER Pommes Frites ODER Reis / Preiselbeeren

vom Schwein mit Pommes Frites
€ 17,00
vom Schwein mit Petersilkartofferl
€ 17,00
von der Pute mit Pommes Frites
€ 17,00
von der Pute mit Petersilkartofferl
€ 17,00
vom Milchkalb mit Pommes Frites
€ 24,00
vom Milchkalb mit Petersilkartofferl
€ 24,00

gegrillt / Speck - Knoblauch - Bohnen / Bratkartofferl / Zwiebelsauce

€ 21,00

Rinderfilet / Spätzle / Pilzrahm / Im Pfand`l serviert

€ 26,00

Apfel - Rotkraut / Serviettenknödel

€ 21,00
mit Kartoffel-Vogerl-Salat
€ 18,00
mit Pommes Frites
€ 18,00

Reis / Schafkäse / Tomatensauce 

€ 15,00

Gemüseragout / Kräuterdip / vegan

€ 13,00
€ 14,00

hausgemachte Spätzle / verschiedene Käsesorten / Röstzwiebel

€ 13,00
mit gebratenem Speck
€ 15,00
€ 13,00

Parmesan / Tomatenragout

€ 15,00

We also thought of our little guests!

We are also happy to prepare small portions of our “normal main dishes” for you to accompany our pick-up meals.

Pommes Frites / Ketchup

€ 7,00
€ 4,50

von der Pute / Pommes Frites / Ketchup

€ 8,00

Pommes Frites  / Ketchup

€ 6,50

von der Pute / Salzkartofferl

€ 8,00

For many people, the big highlight often comes with dessert.

No matter whether for dear guests, in everyday life for the family or for you alone: ​​you should always plan a heavenly dessert.

rosinenfrei / auf Wunsch mit Schlagsahne oder Vanillesauce

€ 6,00
Apfelstrudel mit Schlagsahne
€ 7,50
Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesauce
€ 8,50
€ 6,00
Topfen-Marillen-Strudel mit Schlagsahne
€ 7,50
Topfen-Marillen-Strudel mit Vanillesauce
€ 8,50

Knuspercrunch / Beerenragout / vegan

€ 9,50

Delicatessen – a well-known term in the Alpine region for special regional delicacies and delicacies.

We also offer our popular classics for home delivery. Our popular delicacies are only available by pre-order and are prepared for you with fresh regional products.

Orders can be placed no later than 6:00 p.m. the evening before.

Wir bereiten eine Kasnockenpfanne für 5 Personen für Sie zu.

€ 55,00

Unser beliebter Klassiker: Ofenfrisches Schweinsbrat`l mit mitgebratene Kartofferl und Semmelknödel.

für 5 Personen
€ 85,00
für 10 Personen
€ 170,00

With our vouchers you give the gift of an unforgettable time, a meal in an extraordinary ambience. Our vouchers are also valid for hotel overnight stays, are valid for 2 years and can be redeemed on multiple visits.

We would be happy to create a voucher for 10 euros for you. We can hand this over to you directly on site or send it by email.

€ 10,00

We would be happy to create a voucher for 50 euros for you. We can hand this over to you directly on site or send it by email.

€ 50,00

We would be happy to create a voucher for 100 euros for you. We can hand this over to you directly on site or send it by email.

€ 100,00
Vegetarian Vegetarian
Contains Nuts Contains Nuts
Vegan Vegan