Ouessant - sheep

Ten Ouessant sheep now live in the DaxLueg; they only weigh 10-20 kg and are 40-50 cm high, making them the smallest sheep breed in Europe. They are undemanding, extremely robust and originally come from the Breton west coast of France, Île d’Ouessant. Our sheep are purely seen as pets and hobbies - and as lawnmowers A breed that is very easy to care for and ideal to keep, especially since this small breed was on the verge of extinction. First mentioned in 1754, there were still around 6,000 sheep in 1850, but shortly after the Second World War there were only 70. It is now assumed that there are around 15,000. Private individuals on the mainland began to take an interest in keeping miniature sheep on their properties and to breed them more and more. Gradually, various associations were founded to preserve the breed.